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Whether you are a content writer, YouTuber, musician or create webcomics, you need a dependable source of income where your fans and readers pay you a fixed amount every month. Patreon was started by Jack Contea musician who wanted a platform to make money from YouTube videos.

While YouTube has a partner program which is used by millions of professional YouTubers, Patreon offers an additional revenue stream, even if you are in a niche market. Ko-Fi yes, the coffee metaphor has a similar story where Nigel Pickles wanted to thank a creator who helped him with a project.

Wanting to buy him a coffee for the trouble, he created Ko-Fi so creators could be rewarded for their efforts. The essence of both services is to receive money from your fans, but both offer different features for creators and supporters alike. Shall we? Patreon supports a number of popular platforms right out of the box. If you are a blogger using WordPress then there is a plugin for you. Patreon has an app directory where you can view a list of all the third-party platforms that they support including but not limited to Discord bots, MailChimp, and Google Sheets.

It is not developer friendly. Instead, they offer javascript powered buttons that you can add on your websites and pages.

ko fi vs patreon

Lack of API is something that will scare the web and app developers away in my opinion. Patreon also takes the lead when it comes to mobile apps. There is a dedicated app for both Android and iOS platform so you can view and manage your subscriptions and projects on the go.

Ko-Fi, at the time of writing this article, has no mobile apps to offer which is limiting.

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What if I want to monetize my app with Ko-Fi or Patreon? Both the platform falls short in this area which makes little sense seeing the popularity of apps these days. This can be a deal-breaker for many creators, especially those who are just starting out and cannot afford high fees. PayPal is not cheap and charges fees based on where you live.The coronavirus has upended lives across the world and put hundreds of thousands of people out of work.

The creative industry has taken one of the heaviest blows, with artists having their commissions frozen, gigs canceled, or jobs furloughed. A few, however, have been able to find solace and recourse in crowdfunding. As the pandemic continues to paralyze their primary sources of income, creators have turned to platforms like Patreon, BuyMeACoffee, and Ko-fi in droves.

Courtesy of their followers, many of those have been able to quickly build up a fairly steady flow of revenue. Michigan-based graphic designer Annie was laid off from her full-time, work-from-home advertising gig. Fortunately, as a weekend hobby, she had been publishing her art online, developing an active fan following that allowed her to successfully launch a new Ko-fi campaign. So I already had a bunch of people who want to support me.

I have just lost a major gig, one that makes the difference between paying rent and not. Thank you. Collins theseantcollins March 26, Sean T. Collinsa freelance entertainment writer and critic for publications like The Outline, was also hit drastically when all of his major clients cut back their freelance budget as part of larger cost-cutting measures. With businesses spending less than ever, revenue for advertising-dependent platforms like YouTube has taken a toll too — which in turn has led to a steep fall in monetization rates for YouTubers.

Some ended up flocking over to crowdfunding services hoping their fans would be willing to pay for content they were previously able to stream for free. Chris Piers, who runs a comic book review channel called Comic Tropeswas furloughed and now exclusively relies on YouTube and Patreon to pay for his daily necessities and mortgage. But due to constantly evolving algorithms and dropping ad revenue, he has found himself focusing a lot more on promoting his Patreon.

Ko-fi Review: Better Than Patreon?

The last several months have had consistent growth on Patreon whereas YouTube can jump up and down a bit.

Patreon is more reliable. Why do YouTubers have Patreons? Because this is how much my Mega Medley has earned me this month through ad revenue 2. Lara de Wit, who streams herself playing video game soundtracks, expressed similar concerns on Twitter when her minute video with over 2. However, the pandemic slump has financially affected nearly every one and in a handful of cases, creators have had a difficult time convincing their patrons to stay.

Japan-based Elaine Tipping and her partner both lost teaching income and are expecting their first child. On Ko-fi, donations have doubled from the third week of March and over 30, new artists have signed up.

BuyMeACoffee now sustains on an average daily creator sign-ups as opposed to before. In addition, companies have even announced initiatives to further catalyze this shift: Patreon has introduced a fund for coronavirus-affected creators, Ko-fi is offering complimentary Gold subscription upgrades, and BuyMeACoffee has waived its own fees. Creators have a long journey ahead of themselves. While crowdfunding platforms have enabled them to develop alternate and, more importantly, independent sources of income, it can also be taxing for them and their mental health under the looming fear of losing patrons to others.

Hopefully, countries and communities will be able to flatten the COVID curve soon allowing creators and every one of us to return to our normal lives. Adobe A few, however, have been able to find solace and recourse in crowdfunding.

Replacing your job with Patreon and Ko-fi Michigan-based graphic designer Annie was laid off from her full-time, work-from-home advertising gig. Collins theseantcollins March 26, Sean T.

Carl Pei is giving you the chance. Inside the rapidly escalating war between deepfakes and deepfake detectors. The best smart locks of CES Like most artists, I make a lot of free content. My blog is free, and I have no intention of changing that.

Some do it to build their brand, some do it to help others, and some do it just because they love to share their creations. However, it can be nice to give your audience the option to pay for your services. There are a lot of these services around, and I wanted to see which one would be the best for me.

Ko-fi is an online service that allows you to receive money from people who enjoy your work. You set up an account and connect it to your PayPal, meaning people can donate small amounts of money with just the click of a button.

The idea behind Ko-fi is that your audience can donate the same amount as a cup of coffee, which is why I call it a virtual tip jar. This creates a different mindset to a paywall or subscription service. A standard account is perfect for a casual user, and Ko-fi Gold will work great for anyone who wants to use it as a more active source of income.

Patreon is undoubtedly the top dog when it comes to artist donation services. Patreon allows you to create an account that your supporters can subscribe to. Each tier comes with a series of benefits, decided by the artist. Patreon works really well for a lot of artists, but it also requires more dedication than Ko-fi. You need to create exclusive content on a monthly basis, and extra content for your higher-paying tiers.

ko fi vs patreon

This does not include payment processing or PayPal fees. Ko-fi is free to use, though you may be charged transaction fees by PayPal.

Ko-fi profiles seem to be more fleshed out, whereas BMAC profiles are clearly just a portal that the creators link to from other accounts. If all of these platforms link to PayPalwhy not just send your audience there? With PayPal, you can send someone any amount you want. With Ko-fi, you just send enough for a cup of coffee.

One feels like payment, the other like a tip.Whether you are a YouTuber, blogger, artist, or a gamer, the thing that is quite common between all your creative minds is making a living online.

Patreon vs. Ko-fi ⚡ 2 opciones para monetizar tu audiencia

You sell products, run ads, and accept donations from your viewers, readers, and fans for your work. In the previous article, we clear the differences between Patreon vs Paypaland some of you to ask us about Ko-fi.

Jack Conte started Patreon. He is a musician who wants a platform to earn money from YouTube videos. While YouTube provides a partner program that is used by lots of professional YouTubers, Patreon offers an extra revenue stream. Ko-Fi on the other hand has a similar story where a person Nigel Pickles thank a creator who helped him with a project. The goal of both services is to get money from your fans, but they both offer various features for supporters or creators alike.

If you are a content writer or blogger, then there is a high chance that you are using WordPress. Or else if you are a vlogger, then YouTube would be high on your list.

And if you are an android or iOS app developer. Patreon support all the popular platforms with customized scripts or plugins that you can use out-of-box. It makes Patreon easy to use across the board, and you can get money from your patrons pretty much everywhere. Ko-Fi is not developer-friendly. Rather than, they offer JS powered buttons that you should add to your pages or websites. You want to create a free Ko-fi page that you can share through the direct link, or simply by embedding the button code on your site.

The absence of API is something that scares the app or web developers away in my opinion. Patreon takes the lead when you talk about mobile apps. Ko-Fi, while writing this guide, has no mobile application to offer which is limiting. Patreon batches these transactions to limit the total fees paid by a patron.

Just put, lots of patrons paying small amounts and it lead to a maximum processing fee and few patrons paying higher amounts will lead to the least processing fee. PayPal is expensive also it charges fees that are based on where you live. In the US, you should pay 2. Also, we are talking about the complete monthly amount here. If you want to withdraw the cash using Patreon to PayPal account.

Ko-Fi is totally free. Remember that Ko-Fi uses PayPal to easily process payments so that their charges are separate. While platform integration or fee structure matters, they are not the only thing that matters while deciding a platform to launch a business. Modifying platforms whenever your business has taken off can be annoying and in some situations, impossible. Imagine having to ask all your followers or fans to modify subscriptions and adopt the new version? After using Patreon, you can create content or posts that can be visible to your paying members or to everyone in general.

Patreon also offers creators a way to reward their fans or followers with exclusive content hidden behind the paywall. Patreon also provides a community page where subscribers or supporters can interact with the creator, ask questions, and provide feedback. On the other side, your whole business model depends on a single source — Patreon.

If something happens to Patreon or should they make modifications that are not in your best interests. After creating different levels of content then Patreon is very comfortable for you. Also, there is an incentive for those fans who step up to the other tier and pay more in the subscription.

Patreon VS Ko-Fi: Comparison

But on the other hand in Ko-Fi, there is no incentive so that you can easily create the content of a constant level.They allow your supporters to donate and subscribe to you, in exchange for benefits and extra access content. You can unlock extra features like monthly pledges with Ko-fi Gold.

In exchange, you can create Tiers with exclusive content and benefits, depending on what you want. You cannot show NSFW on your profile images, banner, or tier images. For Ko-fi, the only fees are from Paypal or Stripe.

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If you use ko-fi gold, you have more options for getting paid like monthly subscriptionsbut you need to pay a monthly fee to Ko-fi. You can choose when to charge Patrons :. Your choices will impact total payout, but you can see a breakdown in Patreon. You can get paid through Stripe, Paypal or Payoneer. I started my ko-fi first, since I liked that there was no obligation to create exclusive content compared to Patreon. A common technique to encourage donations is to make sketch art for donators.

You can include a link to your ko-fi when posting art. If you use Patreon to offer exclusive content, rather than just as a monthly tip jar, then it helps to plan out what extra content you can create. I started by offering three tiers. Here are my first posts. I focused on making early access content, and explaining my creative choices and showing WIPs and behind the scenes.

Once I was more confident with being able to deliver, I added a few more tiers. Is one better than the other?

Ko-Fi vs. Patreon: Which Subscription Services for Your Fans and Followers

Maybe not, as long as you leverage them to their strengths. Thanks to BearHotto for asking me about it the other day and inspiring this article. Cheers, brother. As always, you can support me at patreon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Post Views: Getting a ko-fi donation. Share this post! Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Type here.One of the artists that I follow recently announced that they are stopping their Patreon page and will be using Ko-Fi now.

This made me wonder, can't creators have both Ko-Fi and Patreon pages? And if not, which one will you all will choose. I'm not entirely sure what the point of ko-fi is. Or to put it another way, why not just ask for donations through paypal directly?

Ko-Fi is good for people who want to make a one-time donation, and it's more streamlined than Paypal's donation system. You just click a link and it takes you to a page to make your donation. Ko-Fi is also easier for creators to set up.

Like right now I can't even find a way to ask for donations clicking around Paypal's site without externally searching for directions. And the last time I used Paypal's donation button it looked like it was from I like having both because if people want to support you on a regular basis, there's Patreon since I'm on a monthly system. If I just had Ko-Fi I would have to constantly remind people that I have it, and that could get annoying.

I tried looking it up but all you can do it seems is send an e-mail request for money and that's not the best …. I have both, but I won't show it off yet for obvious reasons. Ko-Fi seems better for most people in all honesty. Not bad. OH YO, probably already seen this around but yeah, awesome news here.

Due to the creators' and patrons' justifiably outraged reactions and loudness by phoning in and sending messagesPatreon has just retracted their fee update.

Damage has been done but it's really a nice step forward when a major platform pro-actively listens. I'm most impressed that Patreon recognises it was overstepping boundaries bigtime. Right, though? It's frustrating that Patreon made that kind of announcement without gathering users' feedback first although they claimed to have already done surveys but AH, WHERE?

I also have a ko-fi but nowhere to really advertise it aside from twitter and here on tapas for desktop. I wonder if it could be handy to make it visible on our Patreon page Like, as an alternative for people who want to support our work but aren't keen on subscription models? Some artists also use their Ko-fi to give rewards in the form of sketch requests or icon commissions for donations of certain amounts. It's an idea! I have a paypal.

I have one of those. I was just put off that it said send money between friends so I figured it was more of like a venmo thing than properly accepting donations and such. Do keep in mind that if you using Kofi and have a sort of downloadable rewards for your Patreon, you probably will need to mass emailing each tier of your supporters.

Personally I have both. Kofi for people who just wanna be nice and support once time. Patreon for a long term commitment. I've never used Ko-fi, I just put up a paypal donate button on my website for anyone who wants to give once.

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From what I've seen, people just pay a monthly fee to gain access to all your rewards. I actually like that much better than offering tiers.

ko fi vs patreon

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